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Unlock Your Block

Unlock the equity in your backyard!

Subdividing your block, especially if you have built up a good deal of equity in your property, is a great way to unleash the profit potential in your backyard, but to do so requires an initial outlay of cash. 

If you love the idea of subdividing, but do not have access to the funds required to undertake the process, then read on. 

Vision One Projects have partnered with Unlock Your Block to offer our clients a way to subdivide their block without any initial capital outlay. 

This is the ideal solution for would-be property developers who have been in their home for a number of years and built up a good amount of equity, but who do not have the funds available to subdivide their land and realise the potential profits.

Unlock Your Block offer a no risk, no cost and no hassle way to unlock the equity in your backyard. Watch this short video as we explain how Unlock Your Block works:

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