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Townhouse Property Development

If you drive around the Perth metropolitan area you will see 2 storey townhouse developments are becoming more commonplace where easy access to public transport is available. They are also becoming more popular in locations which are close to shopping centres, entertainment precincts, beaches and rivers.

With the WA State Government looking to increase the density of many suburbs across Perth the opportunity exists for savvy property developers to take advantage of the changing R-Codes.

Two storey townhouses are the ideal development choice to increase the amount of rooms in a dwelling as well as maximising rental returns or resale value. They represent a great investment opportunity for Perth property developers.

At Vision One Projects our in-house design team can create double storey townhouse designs to suit your individual lot. We take into account the size and shape of your block of land, and of course your brief to us in terms of room configuration, to create a design outcome that will present you with the best opportunity to maximise resale value or rental returns.

A major benefit of building two storey townhouses on your block is that the footprint of the dwelling is generally smaller than a single storey unit. This means, where the zoning allows, you can potentially fit more dwellings on your property when opting for townhouses. This is something we can help you with when running the numbers on your project as part of our feasibility analysis, helping you decide what the best option is for you to ensure you maximise your return on investment.

A final benefit to consider when developing 2 storey townhouses is the elevation, or façade of the buildings. As a general rule double storey townhouses allow for more design flare and architectural features that will offer more street appeal and help boost the value of your properties. Our in-house design team will work in conjunction with you to create a product that will impress potential buyers before they have even walked through the front door.

Further information

Building a two storey townhouse development requires an intimate knowledge of the residential planning codes, also known as the R-Codes. Local council policies also need to be taken into consideration.

Hereunder is a guide to the most common zonings and land areas required to build 2 storey town houses.

Zoning Required Land Area
  Duplex Triplex Quadruplex
R20 900m2 1350m2 1800m2
R25 700m2 1050m2 1400m2
R30 600m2 900m2 1200m2
R40 440m2 660m2 880m2

To fully understand the number of townhouses you can build on any block of land in Perth, give us a call. We can provide valuable feedback to help you.

We are a design and construct builder and therefore offer complete in-house design solutions for your property development project.

When designing a two storey townhouse development it is important to consider additional factors that are not required for single storey dwellings. Not only do you need to consider standard requirements such as minimum lot sizes, car parking, vehicle access etc. you also need to factor in maximum buildings heights, overlooking neighbours amenity, various setbacks to boundaries, solar passive design and overshadowing.

It is also very important to consider who you are designing the townhouses for i.e. who will want to rent or buy the finished product? This will depend on the demographics of the area and of course the final price point. Identifying your key target market is just one of the many services we provide to help make your property development project a success.

And to make the process as simple and transparent as possible we also provide preliminary designs including elevations, finished floor levels, total house area, plot ratios, site coverage, retaining walls and setbacks.

Savvy Perth property developers looking to design and build a townhouse development have 2 key questions they need answered.

  1. How much will it cost?
  2. How much profit will I make?

To answer these questions accurately you need to complete a full feasibility of the project, and you need a fixed price quote from your builder.

We operate with complete transparency and will provide you with a letter of quote outlining all costs in detail, line by line, including preliminary site costs and specification.

Ready to get started? Get in touch and we can help by providing you with:

  • A feasibility & risk assessment
  • Block yield calculations
  • Buyer demand analysis

Need Some Advice for Your Property Development?

Whether you're a first timer or an experienced developer, we're here to offer our support, advice and expertise.

Get in touch and we can help get started with:

  • A feasibility & risk assessment
  • Block yield calculations
  • Buyer demand analysis

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