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Property Development Perth
Property Development Perth
Property Development Perth
Property Development Perth
Property Development Perth

Property Development in Perth: Apartments, Townhouses & Units

Developing property in Perth is very different to building a single dwelling. With so much to consider you need experienced people, with a tried and tested approach to developing property to make your project simple, easy and profitable!

Our customised, informed and proactive approach to property development in Perth ensures you utilise every square metre of your site, maximising profit while keeping to your budget.

We will work with you, your budget and your unique site to determine the most lucrative and suitable subdivision solution for your property.

Whether you are looking to subdivide and build low-rise apartments, two storey townhouses or are simply subdividing your land for a duplex or triplex property development. We can help!


How we can help with your property development project

Savvy property developers looking to subdivide their land in Perth in order to design and construct apartments, townhouses or units primarily want to know 4 things:

  1. What are my property development options?
  2. How much will the property development cost?
  3. When will my project start and finish?
  4. How much profit will I make?

We are able to offer the unique service to our customers of an end to end process, from feasibility, design, quote, approvals, colour selections and build.

We provide our clients with a full feasibility assessment, block yield calculations and buyer demand analysis, so right from the start we can answer these vital questions. We will also provide clients an estimated completion date to help set their expectations.

Further information

In order to determine the most feasible approach to your property development subdivision we strongly advise that a contour and feature survey of the entire property be carried out early in the process.

This is a relatively small investment and provides you (and us) with all of the information required to ensure the entire property development project is compliant with all requirements and policies.

The survey will also allow us to provide more accurate costings for each dwelling and ultimately calculate the likely return on your investment.

The most common zonings and area calculations to build a house behind house property development are as follows. If you would like information on more complex subdivisions such as a triplex, quadruplex or even a low-rise apartment development we are happy to help. Just get in touch and we will talk you through everything you need to know.

Zoning Total Required Land Area Minimum Site Area For Each Property
R20 900m2 350m2
R25 700m2 300m2
R30 600m2 260m2
R40 440m2 180m2

Note: The driveway or access leg to the front street must also be calculated and factored into the equation for overall subdivision compliance.

There are many factors to consider for compliance and approval when choose to subdivide your land and build units, townhouses or apartments.

Here are just a few of the considerations you need to be aware of when developing property in Perth:

  • Driveways to the rear dwelling are usually required to be 4m wide, however if the existing home is kept, the distance between it and the side boundary may be reduced to less than 4m.
  • If the property has a laneway at the rear it may be possible to keep the front house and build a new unit or townhouse behind which can face the laneway with its own entry and garage. With this type of development it is usually necessary to provide a 1.5m wide access leg to the front street for service run-ins and rubbish bin pickups.
  • Minimum site areas, minimum courtyard areas and store rooms for both homes also need to be taken into consideration.
  • If you intend keeping both homes it may be possible to develop the existing development site and build an additional unit or townhouse without having to complete the subdivision process or secure a title for each property until you wish to sell one or the other.
  • Both the new and existing property will need to comply with the local council planning policies. This may result in the need for renovations and additions to the existing house such as a new garage, carport and/or store room.

These are just a few examples, we recommend you speak to us to ensure you are fully aware of all requirements for your property development project in Perth.

When considering a subdivision in Perth we know that property developers need a competitive, fixed price cost in order to ensure the numbers stack up.

That’s why we supply you with a confirmed letter of quote including preliminary site costs and specification, all itemised for complete transparency.

Ready to get started? Get in touch and we can help by providing you with:

  • A feasibility & risk assessment
  • Block yield calculations
  • Buyer demand analysis

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Need Some Advice for Your Property Development?

Whether you're a first timer or an experienced developer, we're here to offer our support, advice and expertise.

Get in touch and we can help get started with:

  • A feasibility & risk assessment
  • Block yield calculations
  • Buyer demand analysis

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