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'No Build' Property Development

Unlock Your Block with vision One Projects

Would you like to learn more about how to develop your block of land with less cost, less risk and less time?

Here is what you will learn in this 30 minute webinar series:

  • Learn how to unlock the equity in your block
  • Learn how to develop your property without building
  • Learn how to profit from property without the need for a bank
  • Learn how to find the right block of land to maximise your profits
  • Find out how much property development costs
  • Find out how long the average development project takes

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Section 1:

Introducing Subdividing

In this section we will cover:

  • The different types of subdivision projects
  • How to find out if the block can be subdivided
  • Calculate how much it will cost to subdivide
  • Research if there is buyer demand for the new block
  • Calculate how much you will get back if the new block sells
  • Finance: Find out how we can fund the project on your behalf
  • The number 1 goal in property development

Section 2:

No Build Property Development

In this section we will cover:

  • How it works
  • Why it will generate you more profit
  • Why it takes less time
  • Why it is less cost for you
  • How to eliminate the risk from property development
  • How to create house and land packages
  • How your final land price is determined
  • Why 3D illustrations can generate a higher sale price
  • The benefits to the end buyer

Section 3:

Finding the Right Block of Land

In this section we will cover:

  • In this section we will cover:
  • How to target the right property – tools and tips
  • Feasibility template – ‘de-risk’ your project
  • Title, Caveat, Easement searches
  • Property Interest Reports
  • Physical site assessments
  • Subdivision plans
  • Contour Surveys and Soil Reports
  • Feasibility costs and options to suit your strategy
  • Sales evidence and suburb profile reports
  • Summary report of all options and anticipated profits
  • The number 1 goal in property development