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'No Build' Property Development





Vision One Projects, along with the team at Unlock Your Block, have created a unique, low cost, low risk way to unlock the maximum value from your land with the minimum cash outlay.

We call it 'No Build' Property Development and it allows you to unlock the equity in your land without the cost and time of building new properties.

Do you own a block that can be subdivided but the thought of building new properties sounds just too hard ... and expensive?

Developing property isn't for everyone. First you need to find a bank to lend you the money. Then find a builder to build the homes. You need planning approval. And an agent to sell the finished properties. Oh and don't forget the new titles from Landgate.

Then at the end of it all, you cross your fingers and hope that you actually made some money!

It's time to flip property development on its head.


Still sounds too good to be true? No Build Property Development is no gimmick. It is simply a different way of approaching a development project that takes the financial pressure off the land owner (you) and puts the emphasis on the experts (us) to complete the subdivision and sell the land once all of the approvals have been processed. 

We have summarised the No Build Property Development process into 6 simple steps, that we have illustrated below:


Alain owned a rental property in Woodlands for 12 years. He knew that the block had the potential to be subdivided, but did not want to engage in an 18 month project to build new properties.

After we ran the numbers for Alain we showed him that by subdividing the land and selling the blocks as 3 separate house and land packages he could make around $250,000 more than just selling the property as is.

We were able to find 3 buyers for the house and land packages and Alain was able to walk away with his profits.

We met Alain back at his old property to show him the homes we are currently building for our new clients and get his thoughts on the No Build Property Development process.

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