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Why Buying Off the Plan is a Win-Win

Over the last few years Vision One Projects, along with the team at Unlock Your Block, have been working on a unique, low cost, low risk way to unlock the maximum value from your land with the minimum cash outlay.

We call it 'No Build' Property Development and it allows you to unlock the equity in your land without the cost and time of building new properties.

Well, we are happy to advise that our first No Build Property Development has now been completed.

The original owner of the land, Alain, owned this block in Woodlands and was unsure how he could maximise his profit without spending too much time, money or effort.

The site before any work commenced

Our friends at Unlock Your Block showed Alain that he could make an additional $250,000 profit if he chose to demolish the old home, subdivide his block of land and work with Vision One Projects to create 3 house and land packages.

Vision One Projects created designs for each subdivided block aimed at maximising space and liveability. 

We wanted to target the homes to appeal to a lock up and leave lifestyle for those who wanted to live close to the city in a modern, low maintenance property.

You can learn more about how we helped Alain create this optimal property development strategy by clicking here.

To help the real estate agent find a buyer, and to help any interested parties visualise the end result of the house and land packages we created 3D illustrations for each home to go along with the detailed drawings and floor plan for each property.

One of the 3D illustrations we used to advertise the house and land packages

The packages were well priced and when compared to buying an established property in Woodlands made for a very attractive offer.

So it came as little surprise when the agent secured the buyers and we began construction on the new townhouses.

Occasionally some clients are a little hesitant to buy off the plan, as they cannot touch and feel any of the fixtures or fittings, or walk through the property to get a sense for the 'feel' of the home.

With this in mind we interviewed one of the buyers from Ewen St in Woodlands to ask him about the process of buying off the plan, the construction process and how he felt about the home now it has been completed and handed over.

Watch Max's video of how he found the experience of buying off the plan.

We have also included some photos of the finished product - we think you will agree the homes have come up beautifully and all 3 buyers are very pleased with their new homes.

The completed home

Kitchen/Dining Area

Upstairs activity room

Master bedroom