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Sweet 16: Multi-Gen Home Development in Gwelup

Jason Gettingby along with his father, Ted, are the owners and operators of Karrinyup Waters, a caravan park based in Gwelup that has been operating for over 45 years.

The park is frequented by self catering short term tourists looking to visit Perth, though not necessarily stay in the CBD, as well as corporate clients or interstate/overseas relocating workers.

The 16 home project, located adjacent to the caravan park on Feldspar Parade in Gwelup, came about primarily to mitigate the impact of noisy neighbours on the business.

"Over many years the 5 acre property on our northern boundary had a number of tenants whom negatively impacted our business from noise they produced", said Jason.

"When the land came up for sale we first and foremost wanted it purely to protect the integrity of our caravan park.  We just needed a 'build-to-rent' project to make it viable", he concluded.

The project involved building 16 two storey 4x3 homes that offered a multi-generational one bedroom apartment within the home, with its own private entry to the property. This meant the homes were flexible enough to give the Gettingby family plenty of options for short stay accomodation as they can be rented as one 4 bedroom home or one 3 bedroom home plus an additional one bedroom guest apartment.

"The homes appeal to a wide range of family or corporate tenancy circumstances and provides us the largest pool of tenants to select from," said Jason.

Unfortunately for the client, the project commenced under Builton, who went into receivership shortly after construction started.

"It was a stressful time initially, but fortunately we had engaged a project manager to oversee the build prior to the Builton collapse. This proved to be a godsend as it allowed us to navigate a very difficult circumstance relatively easily. We tendered the project to a number of builders whom were synonymous with good quality product and were able to base our decision on that tender process and the associated meetings that were held," said Jason.

"The Novus Group simply instilled us with confidence. They were by far the most professional and the decision was ultimately an easy one. After just 4 or 5 weeks we were back up and running like it had never happened," he continued.

These homes were built under the Novus Homes banner, who are part of the Novus Group, which also incorporates Vision One Projects - specialists in multi-dwelling projects.

"The construction process with Novus Group has been a dream and what we wanted from a builder. Any drawings that they thought could lead to finishing issues or be improved were identified very early on. They offered alternative methods and knowledgeable advice at the start of the build. Throughout the build everything was communicated and never was anything attempted to be hidden. It’s an admirable approach for a builder and it certainly leads to trust."

"Given the size of the project it was hard to visualise how it would all come together. Now that it’s all said and done though we couldn’t be happier with how they have turned out. They are a great home that have been built and finished to a very high standard."

"The entire team has been exceptional. They take pride in their work from the top down and it’s a credit to them. The way the business operates is a class act and very much deserving of respect from their peers," he concluded.