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Multi-Unit Property Development

Multi-unit property developments are generally projects which comprise of 4 or more units or townhouses, although a 4 dwelling site can also be called a quadruplex development.

As a specialist in the Perth property development market we can design and construct projects from 4 – 10 units. For more than 10 units on one block it is worth considering a low rise apartment development.

It will come as no surprise that property development projects generally become more complicated as the number of dwellings increase. For multi-unit developments in Perth there are additional factors to consider to meet the local council policies as well as the R-Codes. For example extra consideration must be given to power, sewerage and driveway drainage requirements. Solar orientation for each dwelling is also a major consideration.

However, with the additional requirements comes the potential to see a greater return on your investment. As a rule of thumb the more units you can construct as part of your multi-unit property development the more opportunity there is to see a positive return on investment.

The best approach is to talk to an expert, who can help with your due diligence and provide a full feasibility before moving ahead with the development project.

Further information

In evaluating the feasibility of your multi-unit property development, it is vital to fully understand the residential planning codes, or R-Codes as they are commonly referred to, which is where we can help educate you with regards to your proposed development site potential.  

Multi-unit sites require larger blocks or a higher density R-Code than a smaller development such as a duplex or triplex development.

Quadruplex Development Requirements (4 units or townhouses)

Zoning Required Land Area
R20 1800m2
R25 1400m2
R30 1200m2
R40 880m2

To understand how many units or townhouses you can build other than the figures above, give us a call. We are here to help guide you.

At Vision One Projects we offer feasibility, design and construct services. We offer a complete in-house design service to solve your multi-unit development requirements.

Designing for a multi-unit development requires a deep understanding of the current R-Codes and the wide range of knowledge is required for considerations of boundary setbacks, minimum site areas for exclusive use, open space, passive solar design, vehicle and pedestrian access and more.

You also may wish to consider how many units you can comfortably fit on your block. We have helped many clients realise greater profits by taking an innovative approach to design and fitting more dwellings on the block than the client originally thought possible. An example of this can be seen in our Balcatta Case Study.

As part of the process for your multi-unit development we provide preliminary designs including elevations, finished floor levels, total house area, plot ratios, site coverage, retaining walls and setbacks.

The key to a successful property development is an accurate feasibility based on exact costings. To eliminate the risk for clients we will provide a fixed price quote upfront for your multi-unit property development.

We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with all of our costings and will provide you with a confirmed letter of quotation which will outline all costs including preliminary site costs and specification.

Ready to get started? Get in touch and we can help by providing you with:

  • A feasibility & risk assessment
  • Block yield calculations
  • Buyer demand analysis

Need Some Advice for Your Property Development?

Whether you're a first timer or an experienced developer, we're here to offer our support, advice and expertise.

Get in touch and we can help get started with:

  • A feasibility & risk assessment
  • Block yield calculations
  • Buyer demand analysis

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