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Duplex Property Development – turn one block into two!

Turning a single piece of land into a duplex development and building 1 or 2 new homes is a great way to get into property development.

Depending on the shape and size of your block and the location of the existing home on the land you may choose to either build one new home behind the other, or demolish the existing house and subdivide the land down the middle to create a side by side duplex development. This of course is subject to council approval.

Both options for building a duplex have their advantages, the main reason to build a side by side duplex is that you may add value to your investment by giving both properties street frontage.

Further information

Understanding what is allowed to be built under the residential planning codes, or R-Codes as they are commonly referred to and understanding local council policies, is an essential first step in property development.

Within the Perth region, if you intend to build a duplex development you will require a certain size block which is dependent on the property zoning. Every block is different and there are many variances amongst the local Perth councils, so we recommend you give us a call to accurately assess what can be built on your proposed development site.

We consult with local councils and planning consultants to determine all current policies and possible future zoning changes.

Listed below are examples of the land sizes required to allow for a duplex on any given block. There are a number of zonings across the Perth metropolitan area and the zonings below are the most common for duplex blocks.

Duplex Development Requirements

Zoning Required Land Area
R20 900m2
R25 700m2
R30 600m2
R40 440m2

The figures above are subject to Council policies and the R-Codes.

We are a design and construct builder and provide complete in-house design solutions. We know there are often ways to design a project to ensure the cost of construction is kept to a minimum. This results in a more cost-effective design for your duplex project, and ultimately a greater return.

As part of the process for your duplex development we provide preliminary designs including elevations, finished floor levels, total house area, plot ratios, site coverage, retaining walls and setbacks.

Enjoy the confidence of receiving a competitive, fixed price quotation upfront for your duplex property development project. Our open and honest nature will become apparent during our quoting process.

We supply you with a confirmed letter of quote including preliminary site costs and specification, all itemised for complete transparency.

Ready to get started? Get in touch and we can help by providing you with:

  • A feasibility & risk assessment
  • Block yield calculations
  • Buyer demand analysis

Need Some Advice for Your Property Development?

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Get in touch and we can help get started with:

  • A feasibility & risk assessment
  • Block yield calculations
  • Buyer demand analysis

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