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Apartment Property Developments

Apartment developments are often more attractive projects for potential investors than traditional developments such as single storey or two storey multi-unit projects.

When you choose to build apartments as opposed to units or townhouses, the land value of course remains constant, but the potential profits, capital returns and rental yields are likely to be much greater.

Recent changes to the residential zonings and local authority town planning schemes now allow for higher density construction. This means you can now build apartments in many Perth suburbs where previously the residential zonings would have dictated developers could only build units, villas or townhouses.

At Visionone Projects we specialise in the construction of two and three storey class 2 buildings accommodating a mix of one, two or three bedroom apartments.

Further information

Every block of land in Perth has a zoning attached to it. Listed hereunder are a few examples of zonings and how many apartments you may be able to construct on a given piece of land as opposed to a multi-unit development.

Zoning Land Area Possible Multi-units Possible Apartments
R40 700M2 3 6
R60 700M2 4 7

The above calculations are subject to many variables such as local authority policy and proximity to public transport to mention just a few. Compliance for parking, stores, courtyards and other requirements also need to be considered.

The important thing to remember is that every piece of land has its own unique parameters. For this reason we recommend you seek professional advice on the development options available to you.  

Due to the size and scale of apartment developments, it is vital to fully understand the requirements that must be adhered to.

Apartments are classified as Class 2 buildings, which means there are different building codes to be met. A higher fire and noise rating are obvious examples but there are many other considerations to meet compliance requirements.

We are a design and construct builder and therefore offer complete in-house design solutions for your apartment development project, and we will ensure these additional requirements are met.

We will also ensure that in addition to designing attractive, functional and cost effective apartments, we will also cover off on other requirements such as parking (for both residents and visitors), vehicle and pedestrian access, passive solar design, over shadowing and more.

Our goal is to make the design and estimating process simple and transparent. To this end we also provide preliminary designs including elevations, finished floor levels, total house area, plot ratios, site coverage, retaining walls and setbacks. This ensures you can feel 100% confident and informed about your apartment project.

When considering to build apartments most property developers in Perth have a few common questions that they want answered up front.

Understanding how much the project will cost and what accommodation they will get for that price is obviously essential to know.

An estimated timeframe and how much return you can expect to make are the other key considerations that need to be addressed.

We provide our clients with a full feasibility assessment, block yield calculations and buyer demand analysis, so right from the start we can answer these vital questions.

We will also provide clients an estimated completion date to help set expectations.

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